An Architect in an Engineering Education Conference!

Today I attended the World Congress on engineering Education 2013: Engineering Leaders at Qatar National Convention Center.

Some of the issues discussed were useful for architects while other were very surprising!

Useful issues:

  • Education in the age of globalization should consider the cultural factors of both the student and the educator.
  • Cultural diversity is fact of life that should be recognized during education and practice.
  • Definition of Engineering: Engineering is the link between Science and Society.
  • We live in an increasingly connected world … a flat world.
  • Attitudes that should be encouraged: Multi-faceted, innovation and entrepreneurship, global perspective
  • Inquiry driven education.
  • Focus on learning outcomes.
  • Engineering Plus.
  • Core curriculum – 4 Pillars of Engineering: STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics)
  • Global community engagement – exchange programs
  • Global Citizen
  • Engineering education  Innovation
  • Signature Courses: Engineering Solutions, Engineering Innovation
  • Science and Arts Education
  • Social Responsibility
  • Students from different backgrounds – Teachers from different backgrounds
  • Problem Solving —> Problem Finding —> Problem Identification
  • The Gender dimension – The Ethnic dimension
  • Engineering Education vs Other Education
  • What makes a good Engineer?
  • Solving Problems: Systematic vs Creative approaches
  • Critical thinking
  • Social responsibility
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Research
  • Cultural diversity
  • Gender and Nationality
  • Human Capital
  • Interesting Internet statistics: Internet users
  • Global Diversity: Culture, Gender, Nationality, …
  • 1- Socialization, 2- Creativity, 3- Responsibility, 4- Sharing
  • Social Problems
  • Cultural boundaries
  • Food security, climate changes, obesity, fossil fuel consumption
  • Sustainable Solutions
  • Locally <—-> Globally
  • Interdisciplinary – Cross-disciplinary
  • Licensing
  • Teamwork

Surprising Issues:

  • PBL – Project Based Learning
  • Engaging process of problem solving
  • Self directed
  • Deep approach to learning
  • Long term retention of knowledge
  • Real life problems
  • Creating opportunities
  • Step at a time approach: Mega-level, Macro-level, Micro-level
  • Cooperative learning
  • Content — Delivery
  • 21st century challenges
  • Skills Level
  • Myths in Education by Combs
  • Case Method Approach
  • Active Learning Pyramid from Reading to Doing
  • Real case Study: A Digital Home
  • Case Modules
  • Multidisciplinary – Interdisciplinary
  • Assessment
  • Fundamentals
  • Flipped Classrooms
  • “Oasis” Learning Center at QF
  • Students are on Facebook/SMS/BBM
  • Videos on Youtube
  • Are we relevant?
  • Flipping the Classroom
  • Facts/Information —> Knowledge
  • Lecture —> Videos, Digital, Online
  • Learners learn from each other (Horizontal Learning)
  • Learners learn at different pastes
  • Take lecture out of the classroom
  • Interactive learning
  • Flipped Model of the Classroom
  • Teacher <—> Students
  • Reverse Engineering

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